Sweet Marriage

The dessert table at our wedding.

The dessert table at our wedding.

Caleb and I have been married 3 weeks now. It goes so fast. We both agreed that our favorite quality time together is the conversation we have together just before we fall asleep. We talk about our day, our dreams, and our fears. We laugh more than we’ve ever laughed together before. We talk about our faults and our weaknesses. We talk about our blessings. And sometimes, it’s the little things that mean the most.

Last night, Caleb casually said, “I am really enjoying married life… just living with you every day.” It filled my heart with joy, as if a life-long question had been answered. I verbalized for the first time a deep fear that I had never fully recognized before. I said to him, “Really? Because I always had this perception that marriage was more a girl’s dream, and just a burden for guys.” He immediately spoke against that lie with certainty, saying “Maybe for some guys, but not this one.” And then I thought to myself, God really had a plan here. He knew exactly the sort of man I would need in my life. He blessed me with Caleb, a man who speaks truth into my life, a man who shares my dreams, a man who blesses me just by being himself and seeking the Lord.

Now you may be thinking “Oh, just wait a few years. You’ll find out who he really is.” and the “That’s nice, but you’re still in the honeymoon phase. It won’t last.” I realize the honeymoon phase is a real thing. We’ve researched and discussed this since before we were engaged. And this is just a preview of my opinion on that topic until a future post, but I address those reactions because that’s exactly part of the reason I write this post. I share this small but significant moment in our conversation as preparation for the future, to go back to it in rougher times, to remind us of why we love each other, and why we choose to continue loving each other every day. Marriage may not be all romance, but it can and should have many real, sweet moments.


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